FNP token will soon be listed on exchanges

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Watch this short video on How to buy FNP tokens :

How to buy FlipNpik (FNP) tokens ?

Take a minute to watch our Tutorial video !

How will I receive a confirmation of my purchase?

By email no later than 24 hours after the date of receipt of your payment on the confirmation date

What is the FlipNpik Ecosystem?

FlipNpik is an Ecosystem that stimulates and rewards the creation and sharing of value that allows local businesses to increase their visibility and that promotes the local economy. The Ecosystem includes: ◦ Users and businesses ◦ The FlipNpik app ◦ The Flip Social ( merit point ) ◦ The FlipNpik token ( cryptocurrency ) ◦ Merchants Ambassadors ◦ The Blockchain

What is the Flip Social?

The Flip Social (“FS”) is a reward system to stimulate and retain the users of the Platform who contribute to the Ecosystem.

How to contribute to the Ecosystem and get Flip Social ?

• By sharing the app with friends to sign up • By adding local businesses on the app • By creating on the app visual content for one or more businesses • By obtaining FNP Tokens and using them in the Ecosystem • By becoming a Merchants Ambassador • By buying products or services within the Ecosystem • By participating in various promotional actions offered by businesses

How to use the Flip Social?

• To obtain products • To obtain promotions and exclusive offers • To convert them to FNP tokens • To participate in games

What is the FlipNpik Token (FNP)?

The FNP token is the utility token, distributed and identified on the Ethereum Blockchain

How to obtain FlipNpik Tokens (FNP)?

• By buying them on • By converting some of your Flip Social • By buying them on secondary markets when available on exchanges • By providing services to businesses (in development) • By exploiting the status of Ambassador Partner

How to use FlipNpik (FNP) tokens?

• To buy products or services from businesses on the app (under development) • To exploit the right of Ambassador Partner • To obtain promotions and exclusive offers • To participate in games

When will the app be available?

The app is already available on iOS and ANDROID! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT !




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